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The Best SEO Practices For 2015

With all of the recent Google changes and algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, many website owners now find themselves wondering what the best SEO practices are for 2015. Continue reading to discover just a few things that can really make a difference for your SEO campaigns in the upcoming year.

Create Quality Content

The very first thing that you should be doing when it comes to any SEO campaign is creating great quality content that is not only going to engage your visitors, but it will also make them want to share it on their social networks.
Is quality content all about the words on the page? Absolutely not. Quality content can come in many different forms.

It’s actually very important to try to avoid giant walls of text when it comes to your content creation strategies. Thanks to services such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, just to name a few, people are now wanting visually engaging content that is delivered in short, concise formats.

So how can you deliver this to your visitors? Simply, by creating things such as videos, shareable infographics, and taking the time to create relevant images that are featured in your content.

By taking just a little bit of extra time after writing your content, you can ensure that it is socially shareable of the various media intensive social networks.

Make Your Site Easy To Navigate

Create your website’s navigation with your visitor in mind rather than Google. What does this mean? In simple terms, make sure that your visitor has the ability to go from point A to point B without having to search for it.

How can you do this? Decide what the action you want taken on each piece of content is. Do you want someone to click through to an affiliate link? Do you want someone to read on to a review? Do you want someone to subscribe to your email list?

Whatever you are wanting your visitor to do, make it clear and simple so that they don’t have to search for it. Put links throughout your articles so that your visitors are able to navigate to similar content. Ensure that links to whatever action you wish your visitors to take are prevalent and easily found.

Always remember that proper SEO begins on your website and not on other websites.

Make Certain You Are Only Using White Hat
Marketing Strategies

The Google algorithm updates that were mentioned in the first part of this article were created to help visitors who are using Google services find higher-quality websites.

Many people who were using black hat marketing techniques such as link buying, spamming, and private blog networks found themselves de-indexed from Google’s search engine.

Many website owners literally saw their businesses disappear overnight. This is why making sure that you only use white hat link building strategies is so very important.

What are white hat link building strategies? Think of things such as social networks, blog comments on relevant blogs, and acquiring natural back links. By building your links in this manner, you will avoid future Google penalties.

Closing Thoughts

By following the suggestions outlined in the above article, you can really start to see your SEO efforts pay off in 2015. Always remember that your website is being seen by real people and not just search engine robots. Good luck in 2015 with your SEO campaigns.

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