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Hello I am Kevin Ensrud the author of the insightful book “Winning Strategies For Local Businesses Using Online Marketing”. The book explains current up-to-date strategies using several channels of authority from your website, Facebook, your Google Local listing and many others. It breaks down these confusing methods for getting online visibility to simple actionable concepts.

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How Can I Help You?

I have been in sales and marketing for 20 years and been known as one of the best. I was a sales trainer for 8 years and many of our sales people closed over 60% of all sales calls. Once a year each of their sales closes went below 30%. When this happened I would go out with them on their sales calls, watch their presentation, and role modeled good sales and closings. I would spend up to 2 weeks with them and when we were done their sales went back up to over 60% closing. One of my sales people complemented me by saying “You are the most detailed and thorough sale and strategy trainer I have ever had”.

My Digital Marketing consulting and coaching career started over 10 years ago. I am helping local businesses with their social media presence and getting their websites ranked at the top along with sales conversion coaching. The internet and Google has gone through a complete makeover and many internet marketing companies have gone out of business because they could not keep up.

I have helped many businesses move away from spending thousands each month on outdated styles of marketing like yellow pages, Groupon, and home advisor (formerly ServiceMagic) into the modern world of Digital Marketing strategies.

Do you want to get all the clients you can handle? We do this by helping you Own Page One for multiple search terms and multiple online properties such as your Website, a Video, your Linkedin profile, Facebook, Yelp, Google Plus, other review sites and properties.  Your competitors start moving to page two as we move your properties to page one for various terms,. We help you dominate your niche market .  Would you like tips on improving your website? I am an online marketing expert and I can review your website and offer you a FREE (absolutely no obligation) 5 to 10 minute video outlining just how you can win more clients and beat your competition along with a 30 minute “Business Success Breakthrough” coaching session.   Kevin Ensrud 844-858-1760 Email: Website:



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